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December 2016 Defenses: Marijan Babic(PhD) and Martin Colahan(MS)

Marijan Babic (PhD) and Martin Colahan (MS) have successfully defended their dissertation/thesis. Marijan's dissertation topic was The Role of Interfacial Chemistry on Wettability and Carbon Dioxide Corrosion of Mild Steels. His research, conducted within the Water Wetting Joint Industry Project, primarily addressed the effects of crude oil foaming on corrosion inhibition and how residual carbide corrosion products affect steel wettability. Martin's thesis was on Formation of Black Powder Components by Dewing and Hygroscopic Corrosion Processes. His research was conducted in collaboration with the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi as part of an ongoing effort to understand and mitigate black powder formation in sales gas pipelines. Martin's research will be reported at the NACE2017 conference in New Orleans. He is currently on an internship at the Petroleum Institute working with Prof. Ricardo Nogueira.
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