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PhD StudentsMS Students
Current Position
Fazlollah Madani Sani Fazlollah Madani Sani PhD October 2021 Chemical Engineer at OLI
Zheng Ma Zheng Ma PhD Sept 2021 Laboratory Scientist ICMT
Gianna Zhang Wei "Gianna" Zhang PhD June 2021 Laboratory Engineer at Schlumberger Production Co.
Ru Jia Ru Jia PhD December 2018 Postdoctoral researcher at Texas A&M University
Shujun Gao Shujun Gao PhD June 2018 Corrosion Scientist, Baker Hughes, Houston TX, USA
Saba Navabzadeh Esmaeely Saba Navabzadeh Esmaeely PhD May 2018 Postdoctoral researcher at Fontana Corrosion Center of Ohio State University
Marijan Babic Marijan Babic PhD August 2016 Research Scientist, NIS Research Center
Supat Ieamsupapong Supat Ieamsupapong PhD August 2016 Supat Ieamsupapong is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Production Engineering at King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok..
Wei Li Wei Li PhD April 2016 Senior Research Engineer, ExxonMobil, Houston TX, USA
Jing Ning Jing Ning PhD December 2016 Corrosion Research Engineer, Honeywell, Houston TX, USA
Roslina Rosli Nor Roslina Rosli PhD December 2015 Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Shah , Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Christian Canto Maya Christian M. Canto Maya PhD December 2015 Corrosion Specialist, Saudi Aramco
Yougui Zheng Yougui Zheng PhD May 2015 Materials & Corrosion Engineer, Shell, Houston TX, USA
Najmiddin Yaakob Najmiddin Yaakob PhD March 2015 Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
tran-thu Thu N. B. Tran PhD August 2014 Corrosion Engineer, BP, Houston TX, USA
Kok Eng Kee Kok Eng Kee PhD August 2014 Senior Lecturer at the Petronas Universtiy of Teknologi, Malaysia
Emad S. Akeer Emad S. Akeer PhD August 2014 -
Jin Huang Jin Huang PhD December 2013 Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Peng Jin Peng Jin PhD December 2013 Post-Doctoral Researcher, ICMT, Ohio University
Dake Xu Dake Xu PhD July 2013 Professor, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China
Tanaporn Tanupabrungsun Tanaporn Tanupabrungsun PhD May 2013 Corrosion Engineer, BP, Houston TX, USA
Azmi Mohammed Nor Azmi Mohammed Nor PhD May 2013 Researcher, PETRONAS
Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng PhD December 2012 Research and Teaching Fellow, Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Nicolas Jauseau Nicolas Jauseau PhD December 2012 Flow Assurance Consultant, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies, Houston TX, USA
Yang Yang Yang Yang PhD August 2012 Corrosion Engineer, BP, Houston TX, USA
Haitao Fang Haitao Fang PhD March 2012 Application Engineer, Baker Hughes, Houston TX, USA
Yao Xiong Yao Xiong PhD August 2011 Senior Research Engineer, ExxonMobil, Houston TX, USA
Xuanping Tang Xuanping Tang PhD June 2011 Corrosion engineer, BASF, Houston TX, USA
Hui Li Hui Li PhD June 2011 Corrosion engineer, Honeywell, Houston TX, USA
Francois Ayello Francois Ayello PhD November 2010 Principal engineer, DNV GL Strategic research and innovation, Columbus, OH, USA
Gheorghe M. Bota Gheorghe M. Bota PhD November 2010 Research Scientist, Project Leader, ICMT, Ohio University
Jiabin Han Jiabin Han PhD November 2009 MD student at University of Washington, School of Medicine
Chong Li Chong Li PhD June 2009 Materials & Corrosion Engineer, ExxonMobil, Houston TX, USA
Ziru Zhang Ziru Zhang PhD March 2008 Materials and Corrosion Engineer , BP, Houston TX, USA
Wei Sun Wei Sun PhD November 2006 Materials Selection Group Lead at EMDC, ExxonMobil, Houston TX, USA
Kun-Lin John Lee Kun-Lin John Lee PhD November 2004 -
Yuhua Sun Yuhua Sun PhD June 2003 Corrosion management and control team leader, BP America Inc., Houston TX, USA
Frederic Vitse Frederic Vitse PhD December 2002 Technology manager, GE-Alstom, Hartford CT, USA
PhD StudentsMS Students
Kyle Addis Kyle Addis MS December 2014 Corrosion Engineer at Clariant, Houston TX, USA
Akram Al-Asadi Akram Al-Asadi MS December 2014 Engineer at Technical College in Basra, Iraq
Saba Navabzadeh Esmaeely Saba Navabzadeh Esmaeely MS August 2013 PhD Student, Ohio University
Ussama Kaewpradap Ussama Kaewpradap MS December 2012 Inspection and Corrosion Engineer, PTTEP, Bangkok, Thailand
Lei Huang Lei Huang MS June 2012 Corrosion Scientist, Baker Hughes, Houston TX
Wei Li Wei Li MS June 2011 PhD Student, Ohio University
Vanessa Fajardo Nino de Rivera Vanessa Fajardo Nino de Rivera MS August 2011 -
Shanshan Yang Shanshan Yang MS June 2010 -
Shufan Wang Shufan Wang MS March 2009 Flow Assurance Consultant, JP Kenny, Houston TX
Joshua Addis Joshua Addis MS June 2008 Corrosion Engineer, Nalco, Anchorage AK
Vijaya Kanukuntla Vijaya Kanukuntla MS June 2008 -
Pankaj Ajmera Pankaj Ajmera MS December 2008 Senior Project Engineer, Bayer Technology Services, Houston TX
Haitao Fang Haitao Fang MS November 2006 Application Engineer, Baker Hughes, Houston TX
Alvaro Camacho Manuitt Alvaro Camacho Manuitt MS August 2006 Integrity Engineer at BHP Billiton, Houston TX
Dezra Hinkson Dezra Hinkson MS Jun 2006 Corrosion Engineer, OXY Petroleum, Houston TX
Shilpha R. Parakala Shilpha R. Parakala MS June 2005 -
Ramakrishna Malka Ramakrishna Malka MS June 2005 -
Ying Xiao Ying Xiao MS June 2005 Process Engineering, Shell, Houston TX
Chintan M. Jhobalia Chintan M. Jhobalia MS November 2004 -
Bruce Brown Bruce Brown MS November 2004 Associate Director of Operations, ICMT, Ohio University
Omkar A. Nafday Omkar A. Nafday MS August 2004 Product Engineer, RGS, Houston TX
Kunal K. Chokshi Kunal K. Chokshi MS June 2004 -
Keith S. George Keith S. George MS March 2003 Corrosion Engineer, BP, Houston TX

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